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Ryan Bolton, MD is a Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine educated physician who specializes in healthspan optimization.  He believes that aging is a disease state that can and should be targeted.  His interest in the biology of aging began years before medical school, and deeply informed his studies, as he analyzed every concept he encountered in medical school and residency training for its potential relevance to solving the puzzle of aging. 


His integrative and personalized approach to health focuses on a basic core of diet, nutrition, exercise/strength training, cardiovascular risk management, sleep medicine, cancer prevention and early diagnosis, mental health, addiction management/harm reduction and behavioral change, primarily using behavioral interventions, with some pharmacologic tools such as rapamycin for select patients, as well as some selective supplements, exosomes, and peptides. 


Patients may undergo genetic and epigenetic testing, full body MRI imaging, skin cancer screening, colonoscopy, upper endoscopy and other testing based on their individual risk profiles for specific cancers and other diseases.  He collaborates with some of the top physicians and surgeons in New York to offer the full array of these services.  


He believes in shared decision making, with the patient taking an active role in determining their treatment plan. This allows him to provide comprehensive care that is tailored to the individual patient's healthspan goals and preferences.  He is open-minded, curious and happy to advise upon the evidence, risks and benefits of almost any therapy that a patient is interested in investigating.  

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